Great range of plants for unique circumstances

In the special category Luxury Plants are demanding customers can find high-growth trees, specially adapted plants and generally demanding plants.

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Decor - Floral Decorations

We offer floral design for weddings, baptisms and other special events.

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Plants and Trees for Indoors & Outdoors

The term plant is the general name given to the herbaceous, shrub and tree-living species.
We offer a wide variety at our florists center.

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Floriculture Center - Nikos Xerogiannakis

At our floriculture center in Chania, our goal is to create a beautiful lush environment within your landscape garden and home.
We offer a wide range of ornamental plants and trees, fruit trees, lawn, soils, bark and mulches. We have the largest assortment of pottery for the garden, patio or indoor pots for houseplants including garden equipment, tools, and garden materials. We also carry a great selection of garden inspired décor and gifts.
Our friendly experienced staff is always available to assist you with all of your gardening needs and to respond to any questions you may have.From landscaping and gardening tips, garden design and ideas to help selecting plants, learn how to beautify your garden and home.
Our garden center and nursery in Chania, not only offers an outstanding selection of plants, trees, garden supplies and decorations but also a beautiful environment especially created for our customers.

We rent plants for ephemeral decorations at events, film and reality shoots, upon agreement

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