The Almond tree

It is a deciduous tree with a height of 4 to 12 meters and elliptical leaves, bladed and jagged.

The flowers are white or pink, appear before the leaves and are solitary or in pairs. . Thanks to the earliness of flowering, the density of flowers upon the branches, which are not hidden by the leaves and the whiteness of the petals, makes the almond a beautiful decorative tree.

The almond tree has enormous resistance to drought, but there are some varieties which are more or less resistant (such as variety Retsos). Generally the almond can grow in almost all types of land, even on rocky and steep terrain.

The ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of the almond tree is the Mediterranean with the following peculiarities: short autumn, rainy and cold winter without too cold, spring directly succeeds the winter without frost and warm and dry summer and autumn without rain.

In our garden center you will find certified varieties like Texas, Fyrania, Reggie, Ai etc.