Avocado (Acovado Xania)

Avocados are evergreen, and a native tree known by the name voutyrodentro( butter tree).

The height of the tree reaches 15 meters. Its leaves are elliptic to ovate. The flowers are white or yellowish gathered on the tops of the shoots. On each shoot more than 1000 flowers are formed and eventually 1-2 fruits appear.

It flourishes, except in tropical areas, and especially in areas that cultivate citrus trees, especially lemon trees. It prefers fertile, deep soils with good drainage because they do not withstand moisture. The tree lasts about 35 years.

The fruit of the tree has a buttery flavor and is not eaten immediately after harvest, but after some delay when mature.

The varieties available are: Hass, Fuertes, Zoutano, Bennik, Reed, etc.

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