Orange Tree

It is a small tree that reaches a height of 8 meters. The trunk is smooth and straight, the roots are rich, tufted and do not reach great depths.

The orange tree does not withstand very low temperatures, for this reason it is cultivated in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions with mild winters.
The flowers are white, large and fragrant and they spring from individual shoots.

The orange blooms once a year and the flowering last for 5-7 weeks. The tree thrives in a wide variety of soils, but prefers sandy loam soils.

The orange tree provides good fruition for about 80 years, and there are trees bearing fruit after 100 years or more. The early varieties ripen their fruit from the month of October while the late summer months.

In our nursery you can find certified trees in different varieties such as New Hall, Merlin, Valencia, Sangouini etc.