Plants - Trees

By plants generally we refer to the herbaceous, shrub and tree-living species. There are over 300,000 different types of plants in the world and new species are continuously being discovered.

The space that we use is divided into indoor and outdoor. Generally we can distinguish plants in many categories such as:

depending on the plant form whether they are herbs, shrubs, creepers and trees.

depending on their foliage ,whether they are deciduous trees and shrubs or evergreen

depending on their use if decorative, fruitful, horticultural, herbs

depending on the living environment if it is dry, humid, warm, cool.

many other additional categories.

At the floriculture Center N. Xerogiannakis we have a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants in all sizes and for all conditions.

Visitors of our floricultural center can find a plant for any area.