The Peach

The peach is a stone fruit and it is a deciduous fruit tree. Today it is the most cultivated fruit tree in the world after apple.

The height of the tree reaches 4.5 meters of trunk and its stems have a reddish or greenish color. The bladed shaped leaves are, glossy, pointed at the top and green in color, they have no glands on their base and at times secrete a liquid resin which attracts various small insects. The peach flowers have five pink petals and grow in the axils of leaves and shoots. The early varieties have large petals and the late ones have small.

The peach tree can live up to 30 years on average when the conditions are right. A spring-frost can destroy the flowers that are quite sensitive to cold. The tree prefers sandy fertile soils with good drainage.

At our garden center you can find certified trees in varieties such as Red Haven, Fayette, Sweet Cup, White flesh, Peak top, , Red suede, Mei Crest etc.