The tree is a perennial woody plant, deciduous or evergreen, with a long lifespan which can last from decades to centuries. The usual form of a tree is a main trunk that branches off after a certain amount, but there are species that differ from the classical form and this is due to nature and to human intervention.

The size of the trees varies from one meter found in coniferous dwarf varieties or up to 90 meters and above, a forest giant species. The usual size is five to seven meters.

The importance of trees in a garden is great because it is the permanent element of the garden. The criteria for selection of a tree is decorative (shape, size, color, flowering) and functional (shading, cooling, noise reduction, wind protection, air filtration, fruits). The right selection of trees for your garden not only will make it more beautiful but you will be able to enjoy it for many years.

Due to the large variety of trees there is definitely something in our center which will suit your garden. Ask us and we will find the right trees for your area.